Barefoot bowls is a concept, not a dress code.

The idea of Barefoot Bowls is to offer an opportunity for absolutely everyone to make use of the bowls greens that are so abundant around South Africa.

Previously, these facilities were the domain of small groups of bowlers and club members who used them only for league games and tabs-in sessions (where bowlers pool their name tags and set up informal games against each other. A bit like swinging but with less awkwardness afterwards.) Members of the public would generally have felt a bit isolated by the formality associated with the sport and the outdated dress code.

Well, now the greens are open. To everyone. Whether you’re a family, looking for a relaxed way to spend the day together, a group or company wanting to challenge one another in a sport where nobody holds an advantage (and teamwork is key) or you’re a bunch of students desperately searching for a more interesting way to drink, you’re welcome.

Players can dress as they like and, as with garden cricket, you can make up the rules as you go along or take a look at our HOW TO PLAY page for suggestions on various formats. The only stipulation is that players wear either flat-soled shoes (or slops) or go barefoot to protect the greens. After that, just have fun*.

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