Frequently Asked Questions


When do we receive the registration and Score Cards?
We are in the process of completing the registration process – You will receive electronic copies around the 10th of April

I see Jeremy Mansfield on the Poster is he playing?
Yes Jeremy Mansfield is a Cancer survivor and is our Patron for the day.

How do we order the Bracelets and Beads for the day?
Braclets and Beads will be available from particiapting clubs. If you are unable to get one please send a mail to and we can arrange to get one sent to you.

Because of PRIMEDIA involvement is advertising restricted to their radio stations?
No we are looking for as much advertising as possible so please share with your local and regional radio stations

What do we get if we are able to raise a sponsor for the event?
The club that land the sponsorship will receive 10% of the revenue to their club.

What does a sponsor get for their money?
There is a Request for Advertising document and Sponsor request form that highlights that. Also both charities are registered and they will receive the necessary certificates for tax and other ratings.

We are a small club and don't have enough bowls, can we play 1 wood fours?
Yes very much so. As long as it resembles a game of bowls and there is a score card, it's fine.

We are expecting an overflow of people how do we accommodate them?
Firstly visitors get preference. One idea is to allow players to play in a TAG format where two people share the same slot. Another is to play with a team of eight–4 on each side. The more the merrier


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